On September 24 – 25, 2019 15th International Conference “Biomass for energy», 2019 was held in Kyiv, organized by UABIO Association. Two-days event brought together professionals and experts who are interested in bioenergy and sustainable development.

Oleksandra Gumeniuk – Director of EUEA made a speech regarding loyal government policy, which should stimulate renewable energy sector and bioenergy generation.

In her speech, Ms. Gumeniuk made few Loyal Bio-Energy Policy Suggestions, among them was:

– secondary legislation shall contain provisions according to which the 80% rule is not applicable in case the auction winner participated in the auction on voluntary basis;

– amount of quota allocation for biomass/biogas producers shall be increased to at least 100 MW. Alternatively, the Ministry of energy and environmental protection shall use its right and allocate additional quota for biomass/biogas producers;

–  the Code of distribution system shall prescribe that the grid connection agreement may be unliterary terminated by the producer in case of non-winning the auction, as well as that the payment under the grid connection agreement is done within certain time period after the auction winner is determined.