42940172 2226299694110560 2301859113514041344 nEUEA / European-Ukrainian Energy Agency helps its members to find investments for wind projects and access to the energy market of Ukraine. This week we created a platform for B2B communications for the Austrian company D2consult.

D2 Consult is a high-quality and internationally recognized company in infrastructure engineering that deals with the Ukrainian wind energy market for its further activities. On its account, such a large-scale project in Ukraine as Beskydy Tunnel, which has already been completed.

Despite the legislative changes planned to support renewable energy sources in Ukraine and the introduction of auctions, the RES market continues to attract investors more and more, especially in connection with the adoption of the new bill number 8015 dated 02/08/2018 on increasing the investment attractiveness of the construction of ‘ renewable energy objects. The new law simplifies the conditions for defining a project as having a class of consequences as CC1. Namely, wind farms can be classified as having a class of consequences of CC1. For projects with a class of consequences of SS1 it is not necessary to undergo an examination of the design documentation, only the ATS procedure, if necessary. From this it follows that if the project has one HEU with a height of 124 m and a capacity of 3 MW, then this project does not require either the ATS, nor the examination of the project documentation, which is part of the EIA. That is, in this case, the assessment of environmental and social impact is not carried out.

Meetings were held with Andriy Panin, ATST VALOREM, and Artem Sachuk, Director of the Regional Development Agency of Zhytomyr Region, on investment in wind projects in Ukraine, during which the parties exchanged their proposals and vision for future cooperation.

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The participation of D2Consult as both developers and investors in wind parks at different stages of preparation and implementation of projects was considered.

Director of the Agency for Regional Development of Zhytomyr region spoke about the wide opportunities represented by Zhytomyr region for building wind farms. Potentially possible for construction are three sites: 1_Pyatka – 248.4 MW, 2_Ships – 138 MW, 3_Novaki – 82.8 MW. At these sites there is a high level of average wind (from 7.3 m / s to 7.4 m / s at an altitude of 100 m). Also in Zhytomyr region there are optimal opportunities for the connection of powerful wind power stations, namely, two substations of DP NEC Ukrenergo: Substation 330kV Zhytomyrskaya (330/110/35/10 kV, reserve of 110 kV-520 MW), Zhytomyr and PS 330kV Lisova (330/110/10 kV, reserve for 110 kV-300 MW), Korostensky district, Kholosno village. It should be added that there are currently no real projects in the market of wind power in the Zhytomyr region.