position papersIssues concerning the use of biomass energy are pressing and urgent due to a high replacement potential of traditional energy by biomass energy: On average about 15% of the territory in Ukraine is covered by forests.  It is estimated that biomass can account for thirty-three (33) mtce [millions of tons of coal equivalents]. Bioenergy development is seen as a high priority for Ukraine due to the necessity to increase its energy security in relation to direct dependence of national measures on the price for imported gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon fuels from Russia. Herein, additionally appears a number of positive issues: creation of new employment, development of local economics, environmental improvement through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and as a result the engagement of additional resources via the mechanisms of Kyoto-protocol.

However, at present the development of the bioenergy sector in Ukraine is confronted with: different bottlenecks, gaps in the existing legislation regarding bioenergy, lack of experience, access to necessary information, infrastructures, absence of effective mechanisms for the engagement of overseas investments into bioenergy sector.  Negotiation of these barriers requires implementation of a certain number of tools and mechanisms. This paper gives our view of the list of these high priority measures.

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