Ms. Elena Rybak, Director, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency spoke on the organization she represented, on the importance to create energy efficient society, support of the development of renewable energy sector as well as promotion of the energy friendly technology transfer.

Mr. Timur Bondaryev, Partner, Arzinger law firm, Co-Chair of the Chamber Real Estate Committee, spoke on land plot designation, lack of land plots designated for energy purposes, legal impossibility to use other land plots for energy purposes, ownership right of foreign companies to land plots, suggested legislative amendments with regard to the main land issues, other amendments to promote further development of alternative energies in Ukraine.

Mr. Wolfram Rehbock, EUEA Board Member and Senior Partner of Arzinger spoke on the current situation regarding connection to the grid as well as on the proposed improvements. Furthermore, Wolfram mentioned a few questions concerning the green tariffs. He suggested awarding green tariffs in an early projects stage in order to lower the costs for financing, abolishing the “local content” since this way investments could not take place at all, unifying the wording for alternative energy resources and extending green tariff to all kinds of biomass (including biogas).

He continued his speech mentioning “Green Tariff” issue. According to the words of Mr. Bondaryev, green tariff legislation was introduced in Ukraine very recently, what makes the sector very attractive for the investors and operators. Development of green energy projects is one of the state priorities set by President of Ukraine.

The foremost issue, which is of most essential importance for such projects, is the category of land plot, which could be used for the implementation of such projects.

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