EUEA logo text ENGOn January 19, 2016 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safetyin cooperation with the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine organized a round table on “Presentation and discussion of the concept of low carbon development strategy of Ukraine”.

Lars Hendrick, Director of the company DIW-Econ (Germany), introduced the concept. The Concept shows an analysis of economic areas in accordance with the criteria of the potential impact on GDP, increasing of energy efficiency and attractiveness for investors. Four sectors were analyzed: 1) industry; 2) public utilities; 3) housing sector; 4) transport. Based on this analysis, it was concluded that the most attractive for investments are projects in industry because they are the most cost-effective and provide significant impetus to GDP growth. The residential sector is also profitable, but public utilities and transport are less suitable to trigger economic growth, since these sectors have investment barriers (lack of regulatory framework).

Consequently, Mr. Hendrik said that the governmental support should be directed to measures in the industry (higher percentage) and in the residential sector. With an aim to provide such support was offered to create Ukrainian investment fund. The main objective of the Fund should be implementation of measures of increasing energy efficiency.

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