GOLDBECK SOLAR is a German company specializing in the turnkey construction of large-scale solar PV plants. Its offering covers the entire value chain, from project development, project financing, construction, technical operation, maintenance, and asset management to the integration of storage technologies and direct sales of clean energy. Since its founding in 2001, the company has built over 2.5 GW of solar PV plants in 20 countries. GOLDBECK SOLAR has also grown into an important IPP player and is the single largest IPP in Kazakhstan, as well as being the majority shareholder of the largest solar PV plant in Poland. The company also has plants under construction for its IPP portfolio in Canada and Chile.

This holistic approach makes the company the gateway to solar energy, able to provide all the solutions and competencies necessary for the successful realization of a solar project. With the best photovoltaic solutions, GOLDBECK SOLAR helps its customers achieve carbon neutrality, become resilient, independent, and more valuable and competitive.

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