Europea-Ukrainian Energy Agency was an information partner RENPOWER UKRAINE (Euroconvention Global) which took place on 30th January, and these key topics were discussed:

– Ukraine Renewable Sector under the New Electricity Market and New Auction System;

– How the transition from FiT to Green Auctions will change the market;

– Financing payments to RES producers under the new regulations;

– Balancing the energy mix in the new market realities in Ukraine.

Oleksandra Gumeniuk, director of EUEA in her speech emphasized the steps, which should be done by policymakers to stabilize the market: Calculate the cost of curtailment of the RES power plants and include it in the tariff for the transmission of electricity, leave to the State Enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer” solely the function of redemption of energy at a “green” tariff and further organization of auctions, adopt a consensus on voluntary restructuring.

Detailed position of EUEA about the RES market stabilization at the following link: