EUEA logo text ENGOn April 28, 2015, at 14:00 in Ukrainian House EUEA held the first meeting of professional talks that focused on wind energy – “RES in Ukraine: Risk. Wind Energy”.

“We are happy to have conducted the first in a series of press-briefing “RES Ukraine: Risks”. We feel that these events will play an important role in an ongoing public-private dialogue aimed at improving the investment climate and thus contribute to sustainable development of the alternative energy sector in Ukraine so important to the country’s energy security” – commented Naum Rikshpun, Member of EUEA Board and Partner at Traficon, on the lack of the communications towards investors in Ukraine.

Ivan Lysenko, Head of Prospective Development Department of Wind Power, introduced morphology of the electricity prices generated from RES across Europe. The RE electricity price usually consists of the basic electricity price topped with bonus, green certificate or feed-in-tariff. Check the presentation (in Russian); video 10:30- 18:50.

Watch the video of the meeting is HERE (synchronized translation into English).

“Real risks for wind energy developers in Ukraine” – Mats Lundin, Partner and Executive Member of the Board, Vindkraft Ukraine; video 01:43- 09:53

“The future of wind energy in the context of legislative changes” – Marina Ilchuk, Associate, Arzinger Law Firm; video 19:00- 31:00

“Risk insurance for wind energy projects” – Sergey Chernyavsky, Managing Partner, Universal Insurance Brokers and Consultants.  Presentation; video 31:12- 41:34.

“Wind energy risks consideration within RES strategy of Ukraine 2020, 2035” – Andriy Konechenkov, Chairman, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association; video 41:45- 49:35.

Photos are available HERE.

On behalf of the EUEA, we want to thank Ukrainian Crisis Media Center for hosting the event.