Brief release:

The country would save 4,5 billion W/h if Ukrainians managed the electrical devices

At present, Ukraine is losing 15-17 billion dollars due to inefficient energy use. Moreover, it is observed that excessive energy use occurs only in enterprises, but also in ordinary houses and apartments. This statement was made by Mykola Pashkevych, the Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving during the 3rd European-Ukrainian Energy Day.

“Ukrainian consumer is one of the key elements in building a system of energy-efficient economy. Regardless of whether he understands his role or not, it’s the culture of energy consumption that directly affects the behavior of business and government. Therefore, people must become conscious players in the energy market and the state should manage this process, “- said the Chairman of European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, Dave Young. – By reducing energy consumption, we can stop the destruction of the Earth and restore Ukrainian economy.”

Today, in Ukraine only 10% of the population understands its role in the development of energy efficient consumption, the rest of us does not understand why this is necessary because thinking about energy saving is not profitable for them, said the Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services, Anatoly Bliznyuk. “But we are moving towards understanding that energy conservation is needed anyway. The state will create legal framework as well as provide the appropriate conditions for business and secure profitability for investors. “- said the Minister.

According to Mykola Pashkevych, 500 millions UAH of public funds were invested in energy efficiency projects last year, and investment in this area was about 20 billions UAH. Electricity generation from renewable sources has tripled compared to previous years.

We would like to thank everyone for attending the event and supporting us in effort to make Ukraine move towards being energy sustainable.

Photos and analytical report will be available shortly!