Beside that Ukraine doesn’t almost use the great potential of its biomass. Moreover, biomass is the ideal energy source for decentralized energy supply. In any case, independent energy and environmental friendly solution are not for free. As long the so called “grid parity” (point at which alternative energies and conventional energy are equal) is not reached the consumer has to pay for the delta. But on the one hand, conventional energies like nuclear power are “cheap” because not all related costs are included into the electricity tariff and the delta is covered by the tax payer at the end. On the other hand, people will understand the irreversibility of the change in energy generation towards “green energies” and will appreciate the advantages and therefore will be ready to temporarily pay for it. And finally, new energies should not be regarded as a cost factor only, but as a sector of industry which generates new, high qualified working places. Only in Germany this industry has created 300.000 working places so far, and the figure is rapidly growing.