New EUEA Board Was Elected 

EUEA General Meeting, 30 January 2019, Kyiv

On January 30, 2019, members of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) elected the new Board and Chairman of the Board at the Annual General Meeting. From now on, the EUEA Council includes: Mats Lundin, Director of Celynx AG, Elena Rybak, Managing Director of iC consulenten, Yuri Kubrushko, Managing Partner of IMEPOWER, Max Lebedev, Partner of GOLAW and H. Alper Tuncer, Managing Partner of EMSOLT TEKNOLOJI YATIRIMLARI A.S. Mr. Mats Lundin had been elected as a Chairman of the Board, who has been successfully leading this position for the benefit of the EUEA not for the first year. Congratulations to the new EUEA Board! To read more about personalities of the Board, please follow the link: Members of the Board  .

The General Meeting was attended by almost all members of EUEA personally or through representatives, including Acciona, Celynx AG, CES, D2Consult, EMSOLT, GOLAW, Greenworx, iC consulenten, IMEPOWER, Indian Solar, Scatec Solar, Smart Energy, Ukrwindinvestments.

The key items on the Agenda of the General Meeting, in addition to the election of the new Board and the Chairman, were the adoption of the financial report and the report of the activities of EUEA for 2018, as well as the voting for priority areas for 2019 and subsequent years. Among the main topics in the focus of the EUEA, as usual, were the sectors of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Concerning renewable energy sector (RES) EUEA will continue monitoring the RES policy development (Draft Law 8449-d, relevant bylaws and codes) and arrange professional meetings to raise EUEA members competences, learn new rules and exchange experience not less than once a month. To advocate EUEA members’ interests in RES EUEA will use as an instrument: Position Paper, bilateral meetings with policy decision makers, round tables with open entrance to other RES market participants and etc. to orientate on the situation and the need for such actions. And for development of EUEA members’ market participants collaboration and finding new partnership EUEA will organise informal professional networkings at the end of the working day.  Not less than twice a year.

Concerning energy efficiency EUEA will strengthen partnership with State Aviation Administration of Ukraine for common soft and hard project on Energy Efficiency in Aviation infrastructure for raising awareness, capacity building, researching and pilot implementation of energy efficient measures in aviation infrastructure.

And one of the most important activities for 2019 will be Energy Day 2019 – 10 years Anniversary celebration in Autumn 2019 – full day brand EUEA event, for which we start preparation right away.

After completing all issues on the Agenda joined the General Meeting for dialogue: Kostyantyn Gura – Advisor of the Head of the State Agency of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving; Vice-Chairman of the UN Economic Commission for Europe’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Expert Group, and Lev Podlysetsky, People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine together with his assistant, Ilya Poluliakh. Together with the members of EUEA, the guests discussed plans for 2019 development of the RES policy.

The General Meeting went on in the informal professional communication of the members of the EUEA with a glass of wine which was joined by all other participants in the market of EE and RES, among which there were companies: AICE Hydro, NBT AS, ERSCON Consulting Const. & Trade Ltd., EIG Engineering, Siemens Ukraine, Avenston, Helios Strategy, Huawei, Panasonic Ukraine, East Force, GT Energy and many others.

A pleasant surprise for the participants of the networking was made by the partners of the event GOLF POINT, namely the lottery of certificate for the game of golf, and, if necessary, training from a professional golf trainer. The lucky men who got the certificate became Konstantin Gura (State Energy Efficiency Agency) and Dmytro Franchuk (FDI). Congratulations!

We are grateful for the informational support to Mr. Burak Pehlivan, Chairman of the Board of the Turkish-Ukrainian Business Association  .

We also thank the BEEF Meat and Wine   restaurant for its hospitality, refined snacks and professional service!

Let us all be successful in 2019!


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