7On May 23, 2019, Director of European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) – Oleksandra Gumeniuk, was invited to speak about the role of low carbon policies in strengthening of energy security of Ukraine at Energy Security Forum organised by United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine (UNDP).

Oleksandra Gumeniuk in her speech mentioned, that since 2011 Ukraine joined Energy Community and since 2014 the Association Agreement between Ukraine, the European Union and its Member States was signed a lot of reforms and legislation harmonization in energy sector is under development.

European-Ukrainian Energy Agency’s mission is to promote energy standards of well development of the energy policy and monitoring implementation of the requirements of European Union under the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU.  In the development of the above EUEA together with partner organizations presented the monitoring report on Ukraine’s progress in the implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union in the areas of energy and environment covering 2018 year. The monitoring aims at informing stakeholders and the Ukrainian society about the meaning and potential benefits of European reforms in energy and related sectors in order to empower them to keep the government accountable for pursuing these reforms. To read more about monitoring and annual report, follow the link.

During 2018 and current year EUEA and its members actively participated in the discussions sharing their expertise and competences about the design of the new state support scheme for the renewable energy and auction mechanism, the Law of which was successfully adopted on 25 April 2019 in Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament). But this is just the beginning of renewable energy sector stabilisation as we also forecasted the urgent need of balancing of energy system for its flexibility. That is why together with other market players EUEA initiated establishment of the working group regarding the energy system’s ability to connect new renewable energy projects and balancing their electricity production, arranged meetings with national energy stakeholders to clarify the next steps for the grid stabilization.

The EUEA actively interacts with state bodies as Energy Committee of the Parliament, National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine, Ministry of energy and Fuel of Ukraine, State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving and many others.

In Energy Efficiency sector the EUEA has started the initiative aimed at decarbonizing Ukraine’s Aviation Infrastructure together with State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, and the First Conference on “Energy Efficiency as a Way of Decarbonizing Ukraine’s Aviation Infrastructure” was held on January 24. Newly adopted in November 2018 by the European Commission map of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T core network) covers such Ukrainian airports as Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv and Kharkiv and aims not only technical and economic infrastructure development but also reduction of negative impact to the environment and decrease of CO2 emissions. And Ukraine follows European Union requirements in this sector, by adopting and implementing the National Energy Strategy of Ukraine by 2035 and Action Plan of Energy Strategy implementation by 2020, Energy Efficiency Action Plan by 2020. To read more follow the link.

In May EUEA started new project on innovative financing “SMARTER Finance for Families” under HORIZON 2020. Green Finance is an important and developing trend that is increasing investments into environmentally and socially responsible projects while reducing financial risk to those lending for those projects. This concept creates a tremendous opportunity to positively transform the health and environmental performance, quality, comfort and financial viability of Europe’s new and existing housing stock. SMARTER Finance for Families is a Horizon 2020 project to implement ambitious yet practical Green Homes & Mortgage programmes in 12 European countries that includes the collaboration and participation of 17 expert green building, green energy, research and other organizations.

These and many other things EUEA makes for the sake of the Low carbon policy in strengthening of energy security of Ukraine.

About European-Ukrainian Energy Agency:

For 10 years the EUEA has been uniting various companies in the field of sustainable energy sector development remaining faithful to our mission of “Advocating, engaging, reforming Ukraine’s energy future”. It is our strategy for this year and years to come to regain our leading position and unite companies which want to work constructively with like-minded members to contribute to the gainful, efficient, and transparent development of Ukraine.

Currently the portfolio of completed or ongoing renewable energy projects implemented by EUEA members in Ukraine exceeds 1.5 GW. Having international recognition and being a voice of national and international investors, the EUEA is committed to contribute further in improving Ukraine’s business climate and supporting reforms in energy sector.

Among EUEA members there are: Acciona, Avenston, Celynx AG, CES, D2Consult, DTEK, EMSOLT Investments, Eurocape, GOLAW, Guris, Greenworx, iC consulenten, IMEPOWER, Indian Solar, Scatec Solar, SINNALBA Group LLC, Smart Energy, Ukraine Power Resources, Ukrwindinvestments.