press releaseAugust 14. Press release.

Eight international companies operating in the field of renewable energy joined European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) in summer. Beten International, Greenworx-Guris, LIS, CMS, Activ Solar, 3W Power Ukraine, Filasa International, Rengy Development joined one of the leading specialized agencies to consolidate efforts on developing their business in Ukraine.

“Active quantitative and qualitative EUEA growth even during the quiet summer time once again proves that market players consolidate for joint cooperation in areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Ukraine. This is what is crucially needed now for Ukraine to move towards sustainable development and its energy security. We are pleased to work with world-class professionals and apply international experience in Ukraine for creating the necessary investment environment,” said Elena Rybak, director of EUEA.

Beten International is the French company which develops projects in the sphere of wind and solar energy, small hydro as well as biomass/biogas with a total Ukrainian portfolio of about 765 MW.

International Group of Companies Activ Solar with headquarters in Vienna (Austria) specializes in project implementation and production of technologies in segment of solar energy. The company has a subsidiary in Zaporizhya PJSC “Semiconductors Plant”, which produces silicon products.

Ltd “3W Power Ukraine” is a young company founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of 3WPower SA which in its turn is the holding company of AEG Power Solutions Group. The main products are solar inverters and advanced monitoring and control systems of photovoltaic installations.

International law firm CMS Cameron McKenna has been working in Ukraine since 2007. Energy Law is the one of the core company’s area, which allows it to reach high rating from international legal directories.

Filasa International is an international group of companies aimed at development and investment of wind power through its Eastern European subsidiaries. Filasa Ukraine has been working on the Ukrainian market since 2009.

Nowadays European-Ukrainian Energy Agency has over 40 members operating within the framework of Working Groups on wind and solar energy, energy efficiency, biomass as well as in the areas of project financing and implementation by Ukraine of the Energy Community Treaty. EUEA facilitates the exchange of experience among specialized companies as well as works to create a stable platform for joint EU-Ukrainian business projects which promote sustainable development, energy efficiency and implementation of clean technologies.