Press release

A new Board of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency has been elected

On February 20, 2018, at the ninth General Meeting of the members of the Association “European-Ukrainian Energy Agency” (EUEA) was voted for a new membership of the Board. It includes now Marina Ilchuk (Arzinger), Olena Rybak (iC consulenten), Kirill Ermichine (DTEK) and Mats Lundin (Celynx). Mr. Lundin was also elected as Chairman of the Board. In this composition, the Board has already worked, so the united team of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency provides a productive and bright year.

The General Meeting also presented a report for the last 2017 and approved a strategic plan for 2018.

Important elements of the EUEA strategic plan are the expansion of the focus of business, since combining few spheres of industry, which  can help to achieve more effective advocacy of problem issues in legislation and the introduction of market mechanisms.

From now, the main activity of EUEA is the formation of the market for sustainable development, which includes a number of important areas for Ukraine:

 – alternative energy and energy efficiency;
 – e-mobility;
 – development of infrastructure of electric transport;
– waste management and circular economy;
– intellectual management of sustainable urban development – Smart City;
– effective modernization of municipal infrastructure.

The European-Ukrainian Energy Agency aims to work closely with the mayors of cities and decentralized communities that are ready to implement sustainable development projects.

The planned changes in the activities of EUEA will create additional opportunities for the members of the Association to find new clients, develop and grow in the fresh niches of the market, and also together with the Association to form and change the market for sustainable development.

For questions and suggestions on the development of strategic areas for EUEA directions, please contact Oleksandra Gumenyuk, Deputy Director of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, at or by calling +38 (095) 607 78 57.