press release“In relation to and following recent articles posted in certain media, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, commonly also known as “EUEA”, would like to make its official statement, as follows. 

Since its establishment in 2009, EUEA has been promoting renewable energy sources (RES), energy efficiency (EE) and sustainable development in Ukraine.

To boost this industry, State support is needed, which takes the form of – for example – feed in tariffs, quota systems and/or other incentives. While such tools are commonly recognized and considered as best industry practices on an international scale, especially at the outset of implementation of RES in the local economies, investment in the sector is heavily contingent upon the stability and security of the investment climate in the country as well as predictability and consistency of the State policy. In this respect, EUEA has consistently been advocating these values which are relevant for the RES industry and investment environment in a broader context, irrespective of the type of RES; fact which can be clearly tracked by the broad and comprehensive agenda of many public events held under the EUEA’s auspices.

A most recent example is the 6th  (consecutive) European-Ukrainian Energy Day, which was successfully held by EUEA with the support and involvement of a number of stakeholders, representing various public and private subsectors of the industry.

In line with this approach, EUEA has always been supportive of the feed-in tariff and all other relevant incentives and initiatives aimed at the enhancement of RES share in Ukraine’s energy balance. For this reason, EUEA could not but take an active part in the broad public debate over cutting the previously established and guaranteed feed-in tariff, as this step constituted a breach by the State of its obligations and guarantees, and undermined the principles and procedures governing the industry. Guarantee of legislation stability was put at stake, thus affecting all industry stakeholders and aggravating the investment climate and country’s economy in general, entailing far-reaching projections and grave implications for the international perception of Ukraine as a reliable investment destination.

Likewise, EUEA, along with many market players, voiced its position on many other occasions, including as regards to the unacceptability of the  attempted voluntary interventions in the algorithm of calculating feed-in tariff, to the extent that this was done in breach of applicable procedures established by law.

Moreover, EUEA’s targeted activities fully correspond to the objectives and the energy strategy of Ukraine, as well as the international obligations undertaken by Ukraine towards the EU and the Energy Community. 

EUEA’s principles and policies aim and contribute to the creation of a fair and sustainable energy mix, while enhancing Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving standards; increasing the share of RES in the country’s energy balance; help diversifying energy sources; and overall reducing the country’s reliance on imported natural gas as well as other conventional energy sources, thus contributing to strengthening the energy independence of Ukraine.

EUEA dismisses all and any allegations of the selective or prejudiced promotion of the narrow interests of any particular market player, as well as of its status of “daughter organization” or “lobbying extension” of any Governmental or Private entity and, most importantly, any allegation relating to EUEA’s manipulation of mass media.

Although some companies may or may not have been among its founders, and have been more or less involved in its activities, EUEA is, has always been and will remain an independent Association governed by its Board and its Members, through the General Meetings. No special commitment, action or “favor”, has ever been granted to any of its members, who all have equal rights and equal treatment. We would appreciate that any allegation or accusation pointed at EUEA be properly cross-checked and verified before disseminating and therefore misinforming the public accordingly. Details about our activities, members and financial situation are publicly available, and any questions can and will be answered at anytime.”