As Elena Rybak said in her presentation about the situation in Ukraine, although projects in the field of energyfficiency and renewable energy sources are priority for the state, often absence of legal norms and their declarative character negatively influence market investing. International donor programmes and instruments, on which count most of the projects yet remain the basic engines for the market.

 Projects financing and realization by the private sector are still single fact. Bureaucratic procedures make much influence on the market development, for example at the stage of permissive documents acquisition. «It is strange when for the permissive document acquisition for construction-works sometimes needed 2,5 years, and for building only 6 months…», – Elena Rybak said.

 Following the advices of international experts it is important to choose correct balance between one or another priorities for steady development. Harald Eggerer, the Head of the Ecological UNO programme (UNEP) Vienna said: «For example, for the Carpathians region, despite enormous potential of hydroenergy, it is important not to forget about its influence on ecological indexes, and globally, it is important to use biomass carefully».

 According to Martha Bonifert, executive Director of the Regional Ecological Center, it is necessary to remove problems during projects implementation for systematic changes in the increase of energyefficiency indexes and use of alternative energy, for the subsequent projects not to face such obstacles. «The changes in relations and behavior are the key factors for the achievement of positive results », – said Martha Bonifert.

Main focus of the Conference was development of the activity directed at the increase of energyefficiency in these regions. Participants of the regional meeting, international experts, economists, specialists and stakeholders from south-eastern Europe, Danube regions, Black sea and Caucasus together discussed the active use and practical examples of mechanisms and programmes of alternative energy sources.