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Investment attractiveness of balancing RES in Ukraine

Round Table

July 23, 2019, 14.00-17.00

Hotel Park Inn by Radisson Kyiv Troyitska, 55, Velyka Vasylkivska Str., 18th floor, Kyiv

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Indian Solar, Wartsila, Guris

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Objectives of the round table

Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry and NPC Ukrenergo will present first results of price indicators for balancing services and demand on it, which will help to investors and to all market players to forecast the financial model and investments attractiveness of the balancing services market niche.

Another objective is to share the best practices of ensuring balance reliability and market instruments of it as the way to raise capacity of future quotas for new renewable energy projects in the upcoming auction system.


According to NPC UKRENERGO, the installed capacity of the United Power System of Ukraine in the end of 2018 consisted of thermal plants (~56%), nuclear (28%), hydro (13%) and wind&solar (3%). Over the last year these capacities produced accordingly 38%, 53%, 8% and 1.5% of energy.

From the system management point of view, this generation mix did not pose a challenge for the dispatcher as the available thermal capacity could effectively balance the relatively low intermittency created by 1.3 GW of renewables.

However, since then the amount of installed wind and solar capacity has already doubled and is expected to reach 5 GW by end of this year, and 7 GW by mid 2020.

Due to the total system inflexibility UKRENERGO estimates that 4750 MW of wind and solar plants would lead to inability of the existing coal-fired thermal plants to compensate intermittency of this scale. In such a situation part of the renewable energy will be curtailed at times, and the cheap nuclear energy will need to be curtailed in favour of the coal generation in order to provide sufficient spinning reserves. The consequences of these actions would include, inter alia, a significant increase of the cost of electricity and the amount of emissions from the coal plants.

Therefore, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry proposes to increase liability for imbalances for the winners of auctions as well as some other measures e.g. implementation of improved weather forecasting systems , construction of flexible power generation, implementation of demand response systems etc. A combination of these measures would ensure stability of the power grid while enabling integration of large amounts of renewables to the power system. Their implementation is supposed to be achieved through the mechanisms provided in the Law of the electricity market. Some of the proposed measures may bring additional business opportunities for market participants.

To gather all participants of the market, stakeholders, financial institutions and donors at one table for reviewing the current regulations and business opportunities in the area of power system balancing and integration of renewables.

Target audience – members of EUEA, private investors in RES, companies, international organizations, government authorities, stakeholders, financial institutions, journalists.

Moderator – Liliya Surzhenko, Executive Partner of IMEPOWER legal practice

Draft Agenda


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Greetings and welcome speech.

Lena Rybak, Vice-Chairman of the Board of EUEA, Managing Director of iC consulenten Ukraine

Oleksandra Gumeniuk, Director of EUEA


Presentation of the Procedure for Conducting a Contest for the Construction of Generating Capacity and Implementation of Demand Response Measures, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Role of stakeholders in the development of RES projects and balancing of Power System of Ukraine

Olga Buslavets, Director General of Energy Market Directorate of Ministry of Energy 


Konstiantyn Gura, Advisor on international cooperation of the Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine


Further development of the “Green-Coal Paradox”. Status of Electricity Market introduction. The first results of balancing market segments of the new electricity market


Direct experience with Ovid Wind as wind energy producer particpating in the new market.


Technological aspects of balancing: Modeling scenarios for the development of RES in Ukraine; Comparison of the investment attractiveness of various balancing technologies; Relevant experience of other countries


Legislative mechanisms for supporting investments in balancing capacities: market mechanisms and their limitations; state support for new capacity development or demand management services; state support for the reconstruction of CHP; creating balancing teams.

Maksym Zorin,  Head of Department of the Development of the Transmission System, NPS “Ukrenergo”



Loic Lerminiaux, Country Representative of Guris (Ovid Wind)


Igor Petryk, Director of Business Development Wärtsilä Energy Business in Eastern Europe




Oleh Zahnitko, PhD, Lawyer, Partner, Co-chairman of banking and finance practice of Integrites International Law Firm


Live discussion


Moderator – Liliya Surzhenko, Executive Partner of IMEPOWER legal practice

Director of EUEA – Oleksandra Gumeniuk


Participation fee for business entities non members of EUEA is 50 Euro.

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