events calendarThe main target of the master class is to improve the system and chain thinking for parties involved in sustainable energy supply and energy efficiency projects in Ukraine. To realize this goal a master class will be organized in the cities of Kiev, Lutsk and Odessa.

Target audience:

1) Companies from the energy, building and agrarian sectors that want to undertake radical sustainability-related transformation.
2) Students willing to do research on concrete sustainable transformations in energy sector and graduate later on this topic.

A master class is developed on the basis of five broad themes with Dutch businesses working in Ukraine:

– District heating systems

– Waste to energy

– Biogas

– Energy farm

– Building related energy service

Working languages of the master class are Ukrainian and English. The material developed for the master class, including the cases, will be translated to Ukrainian. Two interpreters will accommodate the master class in each location. However, sufficient English language skill for participants is strongly preferred.

Participants pay no fees for seminars, only for own expenses if they have any.

For more information and registration, companies and students can contact

In Lutsk: Taras Komenda at, +380506581822 or Andriy Korotynskyy at, +380506744052.

In Kyiv: GalynaStrelkova at, +380677194231

In Odessa: EugenFomichov at

Overall: Oksana Popovych at, +380976966765, +31626699971