OBF 340 280 ukr obf alt opalAs a media partner, EUEA is pleased to invite you to the Fall Building Forum, an exhibition which will take place from September 30 to October 3, 2014 in Lviv.

XXX international exhibition “BudEXPO-Autumn”, VIII Exhibition “Heating” and VIII Exhibition “Alternative Energy” will be held as part of the forum.

Autumn Building Forum is called to show the entire construction cycle from the architect’s idea to the actual construction. At the same time we promote energy saving live style. Forum brings together key industries:

– Building and construction materials. Building structures and tools. Building technology and equipment. Windows. Doors. Accessories; Roofing; Systems of thermal, hydro and sound insulation. Paints, varnishes, adhesives. Ponds.

– Modern energy-saving systems. Ventilation systems and air conditioning. Piping and air ducts. Fittings and valves. Thermal curtains, heat exchangers and radiators. Boilers and boiler equipment. Stoves, fireplaces and accessories. Design, installation and maintenance of heating systems. Automatic control, measurement, control. Heating systems of roof, floor, pipe.

– Technologies for renewable energy. Solar energy. Wind energy. Hydropower. Biomass energy. Geothermal energy. Scientific research and innovation projects.

EUEA members will benefit 10% discount on the exhibiting space.

More information is available HERE.