10-11th of September 2019

The RE-energy Expo constitutes a unique fair event dedicated to the subject of the broadly defined renewable energy (RES) during which state-of-the-art technologies and solutions will be presented. The RE-energy Expo stands not only for the possibility to show you how to easily care for the environment or provide and generate energy in an ecologic manner, but it also constitutes the possibility to broaden the current knowledge concerning energy production and ecology through conferences or broadening the network of contacts in the field of business networking. RE-energy Expo constitutes a meeting location for the RES industry from Poland and abroad. Here, the world of business meets the world of science. The Re-Energy expo must include everyone related to RES!

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Main topics:

Bioenergy, Solar technology , Storing energy, Hydropower, Geothermal energy, Cogeneration, Wind energy, Smart and energy-efficient buildings, Passive house, Positive-energy house, Active house, Innovative lighting technologies, Energy efficiency, Alternative mobility, Smart Energy


Małgorzata Bartkowski
Project Manager
M: +49 174 389 7931
M: +48 607 909 143
E: mbartkowski@fairexpo.pl