Renpower Ukraine


This 3rd edition of RENPOWER UKRAINE INVESTORS has been prepared in close collaboration with Ukrainian experts and Officials who are immersed in the day to day operation of the local energy sector in all aspects of the regulatory and financial processes.

This very dynamic market needs to be monitored closely and continuously in order to operate business in a successful manner.

RENPOWER UKRAINE INVESTORS will have the honor to host Deputy Minister of Energy and Ecology, Kostyantyn Chyzhyk, from the Ministry of Energy and Ecology of Ukraine delivering the Opening Keynote Address and sharing his expertise.

Here also invited colleagues responsible for the Ukrainian New Auction System, the State Enterprise “National Buyer”, Ministry of Energy and Ecology, Ukrenergo, ProZorro – the recently established public e-procurement system, and many more.

Mrs. Oleksandra Gumeniuk, Director of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency will make a presentation and participate in the first panel discussion.  For more information, please contact Michel Masquelier at

EUEA is honoured to be a partner of the RENPOWER UKRAINE INVESTORS.

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