💬 On January 24, 2022, an internal meeting-discussion took place within the framework of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency on the current situation in the renewable energy sector (RES) with the participation of EUEA member-companies representatives.

💡The purpose of the meeting was to outline a number of RES market problems, to identify priorities and further actions that we, as the Association, can implement through joint efforts.

Among other things, we discussed the current debt remaining for 2021 of the SE “Guaranteed Buyer” to RES electricity producers after payments, including DTEK RES for 2020. So, the level of payments for 2021 averaged 82%. The issue of revising the transmission tariff of the NEURC remains urgent. During this week, the Association is preparing its proposals for the green electricity trading strategy received from the SE «Guaranteed Buyer». In the coming periods, we will form the position and comments of EUEA on the National Renewable Energy Action Plan, which was published by SAEE last week, including available tools and mechanisms for implementing the relevant goals of RES development in Ukraine.

✅ Together we aim to promote the process of decarbonization in Ukraine and create an effective and transparent development of the RES market.

* Photo from the 12th European-Ukrainian Energy Day.