✅ On July 9, 2022, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted for draft law 6485 “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding the Creation of Conditions for the Introduction of Complex Thermal Modernization of Buildings”, namely the draft law introduces changes to two laws in the field of energy efficiency of buildings: The Law of Ukraine “On Energy Efficiency of Buildings” and the Law of Ukraine «On Energy Efficiency Fund”.

🌿 Innovations in the legislation will allow the Energy Efficiency Fund:

  • to provide grants for any housing policy programs, including housing restoration. According to the current law, the Fund can finance only complex energy-efficient projects, and in accordance with the new norms of the law, the Fund will be able to expand financing; 
  • to reimburse gradually the costs of energy-efficient measures, which reduces the burden on housing cooperatives;
  • to finance additional measures, for example, if it is necessary to strengthen the structure of the coating before its insulation.

🌿Changes to the Law of Ukraine «On Energy Efficiency of Buildings»:

  • regulate technical issues of energy certification of buildings. However, the new legislation doesn’t introduce conceptual changes that would stimulate large-scale energy certification of buildings in the country, as it happens in European countries.
  • introduce the development of a strategy for thermal modernization of buildings;
  • obligations are placed on state bodies to thermally modernize 1% of the heating area of state-owned buildings every year.

Draft Law: https://itd.rada.gov.ua/billInfo/Bills/Card/38713 

As of today, July 11, 2022, the Law has been submitted to the President of Ukraine for signature.