During the first half of 2018, almost 270 MW  facilities were installed in Ukraine, which generate electricity from renewable energy sources at a feed-in tariff. Most of the new facilities are solar power stations with a total capacity of 206 MWMore

The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine made introduction of energy saving technologies and materials during the construction or reconstruction of general and pre-school educational establishments obligatory in accordance with the new State Construction Norms  В.2.2-3: 2018 (come into force on 1 September 2018) and State Construction Norms  B.2.2-4-2018 (come into force on October 1, 2018). More

03. 07.2018

The construction of an energy-efficient kindergarten in the form of a bee hive in Dnipropetrovsk region is completed. The energy efficiency measures include an autonomous boiler house, an energy efficient facade, a heated floor in the courtyard and solar panels on the roof. (photo ) More

The new electricity market model will have a European formula and will consist of such segments of the wholesale market as: the market of bilateral agreements; the market “one day in advance” and the internal market; balancing market; ancillary services market. The benefits of such a model were discussed at the two-day forum “Electricity Market: Delivering Change”. More

04. 07.2018

A new unique thermal power plant with a total capacity of almost 45 MW was opened In Kamyanets-Podilskyi. Besides gas, biomass (straw, corn and sunflower waste, cod) will be used for both electricity and heat production. The cost of this project is almost 10 million euros. More

05. 07.2018

A group of activists «Save Dnipro» presented the first Ukrainian environmental bot SaveEcoBot, which aggregates environmental data from any region of Ukraine on updated records in the Single ATS Registry, data on permits for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, special permits for use of subsoil and water use, as well as information on licenses for the management of hazardous waste. At this point, SaveEcoBot works in Telegram, free of charge.More

The Ministry of Infrastructure has submitted its proposals to the draft recommendations of parliamentary hearings on the development and further implementation of a series of measures to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution by transport  in Ukraine, in accordance with the National Transport Strategy by 2030. More

06. 07.2018

On June 25, 2018, the State Property Fund announced contests for the selection of advisers to prepare for the privatization and sale of blocks of shares of the first six enterprises from the list of large objects for privatization. Competitions will be held in the State Property Fund in two stages for each object from 26 to 31 July. More