In the first half of 2020, the capacity of solar power plants, wind power plants, small hydropower plants and bio-power plants was installed more than in 2019, a total of 7123 MW compared to 6379 MW. From 2014 to 2018, a total of 6574 MW of RES capacity was installed.
The largest share of installed capacity in the first half of 2020 accounts for solar power plants – 5611 MW, wind power plants amounted to 1213 MW, capacity of bio-power plants amounted to – 183 MW, and small hydropower plants – 116 MW.
It should be noted that the statistics on obtaining the “feed-in” tariff (data from the NEURC) and the data of actually put into operation capacities (data from Ukrenergo) differ. According to Ukrenergo, the capacity actually put into operation is: solar power plants – 4593.3 MW, wind power plants – 1064.7 MW, bio-power plants – 171.2 MW, and only the data of small hydro power plants coincide – 116 MW. In total, the capacity actually put into operation in the first half of 2020 amounted to 5945 MW.
Actual generation data is provided by PJSC NPC Ukrenergo as of June 2020.