While EU is thinking about the energy strategy they neglect the impact of electro-cars staking on biofuels (article in Ukrainian) while reaching the ambitious 10% renewable energy in transportation. Meanwhile the EU is blamed for its biofuels policy in developing countries for having a “harmful” impact (article in English).

Ukraine’s goal in the sector is 10% as well. That number was discussed during the round table “National Action Plan on Renewable Energy till 2020”on 5 June 2013 organized by Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Find the controversial resolution HERE (in Ukrainian). At the meeting Mr. Geletukha, Head of the Board at Bioenergy Association of Ukraine stated that we would fail our own 10% commitment on the renewables in transport sector. However, Mr. Dubovyk, the Deputy Minister on Energy and Coal Industry reassured that “EU will not apply the fines since they won’t meet the rate of 10% themselves. We will be justified by other priority growth rates”. The Deputy Minister referred to the number of the enterprises using the “green energy” (the current rate is 0,85GW and the plan number was 0,6GW by 2015).

The deadline for the Energy Strategy of Ukraine is 30 June 2013.