Extraordinary plenary meeting of Parliament:

An extraordinary plenary meeting of Parliament was held today. Among the issues discussed were:

– the issue of adoption of draft laws in connection with the spread of coronavirus disease – as a basis adopted drafts law №№ 3268 (on the provision of treatment of coronavirus disease), 3271 (on the criminalization of export (shipment) across the customs border of Ukraine anti-epidemic goods), 3275 (on the provision of additional social and economic guarantees);

– personnel issues: were dismissed Minister of Health Yemets and Minister of Finance Umansky. Consideration of the draft resolution “On appointing Buslyavets Olga as Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine” (№ 3280) was withdrawn from consideration at the request of the President of Ukraine;

– budget issues. The draft law “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2020” №3279  did not garner the required number of votes and was then forwarded for further elaboration to the profile committee.

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Guaranteed Buyer

Restrictions on the issue of electricity to the Guaranteed Buyer by Energoatom:

From March 29, 2020, Energoatom suspended the supply of electric energy to the Guaranteed Buyer in the delivery period 01.03.2020-31.03.2020 for violation of the payment deadlines for electricity supplied in March.

In addition, from April 1, 2020, Energoatom limited the supply of electric energy to the Guaranteed Buyer during the supply period 01.04.2020-30.04.2020 by 40% of the planned amount of electricity supplied to the Guaranteed Buyer in each delivery period, since the level of payment by the Guaranteed buyer of electric energy for March 2020 is only about 40%.

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The Guaranteed Buyer released its trading data for February 2020:

The Guaranteed Buyer purchased 5 756 thousand MWh of electricity. This is 1 339 thousand MWh, or 23% less than in January. The reduction in purchased electricity is due to the 25% reduction in electricity sales for GB from the Enegoatom.

Of these, in February, the Guaranteed Buyer purchased 684.9 thousand MWh of renewable electricity under the green tariff. Compared to January, electricity supply increased by 181.6 thousand MWh of electricity or 36%.

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