Attention to RES producers at the “green” tariff and candidates for RES producers at the “green” tariff!

      Today, 27.06.2019 SE “Guaranteed buyer” has started work on concluding the  power purchase agreements and additional agreements to change the party in the agreement between SE “Energorynok” RES producer, and bringing such an agreement in line standard form of an agreement between the guaranteed buyer and entity that produces electricity using alternative energy sources, determined by the heads of 13 and 2 of the Order of purchase of electricity by “green” tariff, approved by Decree of NEURC from 26.04.2109 № 641.

    To conclude the relevant agreements / agreements, please, arrive on 27.06.2019 of authorized representatives of producers at the “green” tariff at the following address: Kyiv, street. Simona Petliura, 27, lobby on the 1st floor (conference room at the Daily Café), from 9:00 to 18:00 (without interruption).

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