newsTTE (energy) Council in Brussels endorsed the Council Report on the review of developments of the external dimension of the EU energy policy, informed BC the Energy Ministry of Lithuania.

Member States send out an important message on the need for the EU to speak with one voice both externally and internally. In this context, they welcome the progress achieved by establishing the information exchange mechanism in 2012with regard to intergovernmental agreements (IGAs). This mechanism provides the option of Commission’s assistance and envisages the ex-ante revision during bilateral negotiations that Member States have with third countries. 


“The Report emphasizes the need to take every effort to ensure a level playing field with third countries. Member States agree that this should be based on principles of reciprocity, transparency, fairness, non-discrimination and openness to competition. They also consider it essential that EU legislation is applied to all entities that operate within the Internal Energy Market. These principles should be taken into account when preparing EU trade agreements” – said Minister Jaroslav Neverovic

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