On November 29, 2021, EUEA sent a letter to the Chairman of the NEURC Valeriy Tarasyuk and a copy to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko, the Permanent Representative of the International Monetary Fund in Ukraine Vagram Stepanyan, IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine Mr. Vahram Stepanyan, World Bank Regional Country Director for Eastern Europe (Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine) Dr. Arup Banerji, Managing Director, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus (EEC) at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Mr. Matteo Patrone, Chairman of Energy Community Secretariat Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Centre Mr. Dirk Buschle, EU Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Mr. Matti Maasikas regarding the adoption of the NEURC resolution “On tariff setting for electricity transmission services of NPC “Ukrenergo” for 2022”.

EUEA called on the NEURC to review the structure and amount of the tariff at the meeting, that is going to be held on December 1, 2021 for electricity transmission services of NPC “Ukrenergo” for 2022 to provide sufficient funds for 100% of the calculations of SE “Guaranteed Buyer” for electricity purchased in 2021-2022 from RES electricity producers operating at the Feed-in tariff.

It will be recalled that on November 24, 2021, there was an open discussion of the NEURC on the same issue. However, if the budget of Ukraine for 2022 does not include 20% of expenditures to support the SE “Guaranteed Buyer”, it is possible that the NEURC will revise the tariff again next year.

The NEURC has announced that it plans to approve the tariff for the transfer of NPC “Ukrenergo” to UAH 356.90 per mwh, which is significantly lower than the proposed by NPC “Ukrenergo”, which accumulates new debts to RES producers in 2022.

Read the letter: EUEA letter to NEURC dated 22.11.