The European-Ukrainian Energy Agency had the opportunity to talk to and interview the Director of the Eco-department of JSB UKRGASBANK, Oleksiy Savin.

In the interview you will read about:

  • What are the current problems Ukrgasbank faces during the active war within its already financed projects in RES and EE sectors?
  • Does Ukrgasbank offer RES investors any restructuring of existing loans in wartime?
  • What is the bank’s view on lending money towards new RES or EE projects during an active war period? What is your personal opinion on this?
  • What will happen in the RES and EE sectors within Ukraine? How are banks and their partners looking at Ukraine, will there be interest to invest further?
  • Will we be able to eradicate corruption and manipulation in order to make our country more developed and more energy efficient?
  • What would you change in the banking system, to make it more efficient?
  • The most interesting renewable energy project.

Thank you, Mr Savin, for your cooperation, time and frank answers!

Download: EUEA Interview with Oleksiy Savin