Oleksandra Gumeniuk, director of EUEA spoke at EIF 2021, International Energy Congress, which was held on October 13-15, 2021 by the Global Energy Agency with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey.  Ms. Gumeniuk raised in her speech not only the current achievements and challenges in the renewable energy sector development, but also the forecasting of the energy system development in general and role of the renewable energy producers, volumes of energy consumption not only of electricity, but also gas consumers, several possible energy policy scenarios that can be implemented in Ukraine, and new potential renewable energy support schemes.

In general, the aim of EIF 2021 was to evaluate various energy sources and energy markets in all dimensions and to create an environment where the latest developments and applications could be discussed and dealt with in many aspects.

Quit informative were speeches of other panelists, where the wind energy was discussed and the offshore wind potential for the Black Sea Region. Definitely, there are a lot of challenges that offshore wind meets, even if the natural and technical capacities are promising. Taking into account the recent World Bank’s document of the development of the offshore wind market can be characterized as four interdependent pillars, namely: Strategy, Policy, Frameworks and Delivery. Strategy refers to a country’s long-term planning to develop offshore wind as part of the future energy mix; this is usually established by politicians, decision-makers, and energy planners who understand the role that offshore wind can play in the country’s economic and social fabric. Policy refers to the underlying political ambitions, laws, and agreements that will turn the strategy into reality; these are usually implemented by lawmakers and bureaucrats. Frameworks are the mechanisms through which the policies are enacted; these are usually implemented by government agencies and utilities. Finally, Delivery refers to the enabling environment required to deliver on-the-ground results; these are implemented by governments in partnership with industry, civil society and other stakeholders.

EUEA was honored to be an information partner of the EIF 2021 and will be happy to continue our long-term cooperation further.

European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) unites the biggest foreign investors, which totally invested more than 3 bln EUR in the Ukrainian renewable energy sector. We are proud to have Turkish companies among members, as GURIS, EMSOLT, MET Energy, Smart Energy, and many others, and we are open to invite more Turkish investors for cooperation.

EUEA is an independent non-profit organization open to all stakeholders in the Ukrainian Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) sectors who want to work constructively with like-minded members to contribute to the gainful and transparent development of these markets in Ukraine, through the promotion of fair and sustainable business practice, raising of public awareness of energy issues, and by influencing government energy policy.