On January 20, the leading industry associations, namely EUEA, UWEA and UARE, sent a joint letter to the President of Ukraine regarding the recent decision of the NEURC on the issuance of instructions to SE “Guaranteed Buyer” to send at least 50% of funds received from PJSC “NEC UKRENERGO” within the framework of loans provided by banks under state guarantees, to repay debts to NNEGC «Energoatom», and not to RES producers. It was also noted that this text of the decision of the NEURC wasn’t published on the Regulator’s website.

In the letter, the associations said « that the instruction of the Regulator, regarding the distribution of credit funds received to pay debts to RES producers, in favor of another generation, further calls into question the implementation of the state’s obligations to investors in “green” energy. They also stressed that “the Regulator has no authority to determine the order of distribution of such funds in another way».

Therefore, with this letter the leading associations appealed to Volodymyr Zelenskyi «with a request to personally make it impossible to implement the actions of certain state authorities, in particular, the decision of the NEURC in the form of the Instruction from January 16, 2021, which violate current legislation»,- it is said in the letter of Associations.

Read full letter 20.01.2021 UWEA, EUEA, UARE