Today, November 10, 2021, an internal meeting of the EUEA Working Group on Energy Efficiency took place.

Representatives of the UNIDO project “Implementation of energy management standard system in industry in Ukraine” were invited and shared their project activity results with EUEA members;

Together with the representatives of member-companies EUEA defined the priority issues regarding energy efficiency within the framework of EUEA activity, as follows:

  • Improving energy efficiency in cities: overcoming the barriers in cooperation between cities and IFUs regarding modernization of buildings, heating systems and other infrastructure projects.
  • Improving energy efficiency in industry: sharing the practical application of energy management systems, the development of ESCOs and the introduction of other tools aimed to stimulate energy efficiency in production.
  • Improving energy efficiency in the construction sector: increasing the number of “green” buildings and the introduction of financial support instruments, promoting the certification of buildings according to international standards of sustainable construction (LEED, BREEAM) and other areas.

The participants of the meeting agreed to strengthen cooperation, involve more stakeholders and develop working plan concerning abovementioned areas.