The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine proposes to set an annual quota of support for electricity generation from RES in the amount of 365 MW in 2021. Such data were presented by the Ministry today, December 3.

According to the presentation, the annual quota for SPP will be 155 MW, for WPP – 150 MW, for other RES facilities – 60 MW.

The presentation also presents the Ministry’s forecast for support quotas for 2022-2025, according to which in 2022 the quota may reach 420 MW (170 MW – SPP and WPP, and 80 – other RES facilities), in 2023 – 470 MW (SPP – 180 MW, WPP – 190 MW, others – 100 MW), in 2024 – 520 MW (SPP – 190 MW, WPP – 210 MW, others – 120 MW), and in 2025 – 570 MW ( SPP – 200 MW, WPP – 230 MW, others – 140 MW).

According to the presentation, the auctions are planned to be held starting from June 2021.

According to the submitted draft of the auction schedule, the first of them is planned for June next year – 50 MW for SPP and WPP, then in October an auction for SPP with a capacity of up to 1 MW at a quota of 5 MW and a regional auction for Zhytomyr, Poltava, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad and Kyiv regions, as well as for Kyiv at a quota of 50 MW.

In addition, another auction for 50 MW SPP and 100 MW for WPP is planned for November.

Auctions for other RES facilities, which include bioenergy companies and small hydropower plants, are scheduled for 60 MW in October. The presentation emphasizes that the lack of demand, in particular, for the installation of bioenergy facilities does not allow to offer a higher quota. The proposed quota of 60 MW is a third of the total capacity of bioenergy facilities established in the last 10 years – 194 MW, and pre-PPA agreements have been signed for only 76 MW, indicated in the presentation.

Based on the presentation, the Ministry plans to include these calculations in the Government’s resolution on conducting “green” auctions.

Finalization and adoption of amendments to the auction procedure approved by the Government is one of the necessary steps for the implementation of the auction model of support for renewable energy.

The Ministry of Energy also points out that the implementation of certain measures, in particular, the adoption of bills №3657 on highly maneuverable generating capacity and №2582 on energy storage systems, updating Ukraine’s Energy Strategy until 2035 taking into account the European Green Deal, attracting technical assistance and legislative changes on the possibility of conducting auctions for the construction of RES facilities together with storage systems will allow to increase RES quotas in the future.