On October 8, was held a press conference on the topic “Failure of the government to fulfill its obligations: the future of the green generation is under threat» with the participation of EUEA, UAWE, UWEA.

Oleksandra Gumeniuk, director of EUEA, in her speech noted the following: «As of October 1, the level of payments for the supply of electricity produced from renewable sources in September is 27%, generally the forecast on payments of the SE «Guaranteed buyer»  is 56% by the end of the year.

Nowadays, there is still not decision on the source of debt payment – 40% of the UAH 22.4 billion, which were spelled out of the Memorandum.

It’s not that conditions that our members of the Association agreed to, who voted for the signing of the Memorandum. We agreed to unfavourable conditions of the «green» tariff, but we fulfilled them, and now it is the turn of our state, the Government of the country to fulfill their part of the agreement.

It’s extremely important to correct this situation in the near future – it is necessary to restore the payment discipline go the SE «Guaranteed Buyer» and provide reliable sources monthly payments for electricity producers from renewable energy sources.

As already mentioned, failure to meet these important conditions will lead to the resumption of preparation for arbitration claims under bilateral investment agreements and the Energy Charter.

In our opinion, if such lawsuits do start, they will significantly slow down the implementation of the Association Agreement in terms of the implementation of the renewable energy directive and accordingly slows down the process of taking a «green» course for Ukraine in general and participation together with European partners in the «Green» Deal.

Therefore, in our opinion and in the opinion of the industry, it is extremely necessary to solve problem in the shorter possible time».

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The recording of the press conference: