newsThe document submitted to the current legislation changes aimed at:

– Cohesion of “green” tariff for electricity generated from alternative energy sources to the world average level;

– Cancellation of benefits on electricity off-take for stations that generate electricity from alternative sources;

– Abolition of local content requirements as such, contrary to the requirements of international treaties ratified by Ukraine;

– Sizing remuneration in the form of a surcharge to the “green” tariff for the use of components of Ukrainian origin in the design and construction of energy facilities operating using alternative energy sources;

– Solving the problem of excessive stimulation of the production of electricity from solar energy and insufficient incentives for bioenergy and geothermal energy;

– Stimulating private households to introduce energy-efficient power generation technologies not only from solar energy, but also wind energy.

The text of the law and background information can be found HERE in Ukrainian.