In particular, Yuriy Kubrushko, Managing partner of IMEPOWER, while moderating the third session of “Furthering Development of Renewable Energy Sources”, clearly indicated if the state has a desire to violate the conditions and change the rules of the game more and more, then it will become a habit, which will affect all areas, not just the «feed-in tariff.
Oleksandr Podprugin, Chief Operating Officer of Elemntum Energy, the development of RES requires stable legislation and a predictable regulatory framework, because it is impossible to think about the future when new key laws and changes in activities, including existing assets, are adopted each year, the most stable legislation will allow to reduce the cost of financing and the cost of kWh, which are released into the network.
Maris Kunickis, CEO, DTEK RES, noted that it is possible to raise funds for the construction of new projects, but the amount of funding is so large that such projects become economically unattractive, and all such actions lead to the fact that the International Financial Institutions lose confidence in Ukraine as a potential partner. He also noted that the European Union has finally adopted a package of documents on the European Green Deal, which Ukraine should be equal to. If we want to be in Europe, and we have the potential, then our government must make the right decision.
At the next thematic session “Unlocking onshore and offshore wind potential» Vice President Emergy, Magnus Johansen said that the cost of capital for “green” generation projects in Ukraine for 2 years growth from 7% to 10% due to risks of unpredictability in fact in energy sector. The cost of capital is the market’s response to a decision made by the state.
Mykhailo Chulkov, CEO of EuroCape, said that investing in the country is already good, international investment is twice as good, and the “green” energy investment – is three times better. It is also noted that EuroCape is working to attract investment in the future.