Artem Nekrasov, the head of GB, said that the proposals were agreed with the Energy Committee, NEURC and NPC Ukrenergo, and soon they will be considered by the Parliament.

“Starting from March and until September, we will again come to a situation in which the generation of green electricity will increase, NPC will limit its production due to excess, but will still pay compensation for the restrictions,” explained the head of GB.

The company hopes to start exporting “green” electricity to the EU within a few months after the adoption of the bill.  This will also help reduce the load on the Ukrenergo tariff and avoid imbalances in the summer when there is a surplus of electricity due to weather conditions. The head of GB noted that the generation of “green” electricity will increase in the summer, but NPC will limit its production due to the surplus. He also reminded that last year, the export of electricity made it possible to attract an additional UAH 2.8 billion to cover special duties.

If the proposals are accepted, this will allow to relieve Ukrenergo’s burden of special obligations, improve results of the trading activities of SE Guaranteed Buyer and could create conditions for stabilization of payments to the RES producers and reduction of the outstanding debt to the sector. Overall, it would be a positive decision for preservation of RES investors’ trusts and further development of the sector.