On August 25, 2022, SE “Guaranteed Buyer” published updated data on settlements with RES producers. For 2022: in 20 days of August – 51.9%; July – 31.6%; June – 26.9%; May – 19%; April -19.2%; March – 20.1%; February – 92.9%; January – 100%. The average percentage value of calculations for 2021 is 91%. Debt of NPC “Ukrenergo” –  UAH 14.5 billion.

On September 1-2, 2022, “Guaranteed Buyer” will hold 2 auctions for the sale of “green” electricity. Details: https://www.gpee.com.ua/news_item/1071

In his interview on August 30, 2022, Andriy Pylypenko, Director of the SE “Guaranteed Buyer”, stated the following regarding the current situation on the RES market, the main points:

  • The initiative to suspend the “green” tariff for the duration of the war was negatively perceived by RES producers, and the topic was not raised again. In any case, changes in the law are required to change the “green” tariff.
  • GB calculates imbalances according to the normatively established formula, but cannot independently change it.
  • The size of the imbalances is enormous – more than UAH 1 billion per month, which is approximately 35% of marketable products.
  • The current formula provides for a certain fee for the increased “green” tariff and obliges the producers to pay for the unearned profit of GB. If there was no war, this formula would work properly. Now it is difficult to do this, because there is a lower price cap on the DAM.
  • As for the formula, it is logical to apply some reducing factor. That is, calculate according to the same formula, but with a decreasing coefficient.
  • We consider it normal when the level of imbalances deviates up to 20% from the DAM price, but not 100%.
  • According to the GB Balancing Group (BG) there was an increase in the installed capacity by 3%.
  • For the period from June to August (for August, forecasted), we see a 25-35% decrease in the release of green e/e.
  • Certain companies are gradually withdrawing from BG GB. The last exit was three weeks ago. There are not so many of them compared to almost a thousand participants. Maybe several dozen.
  • Continuing the construction of WPPs under the “green” tariff is a good idea, we really lost a large number of wind turbines in the south, and this capacity still needs to be compensated.
  • GB plans to distribute the Ukrenergo’s funds from the sale of the intersection between RES producers and “Energoatom», depending on the period for which they will be paid.
  • As of now, GB pays exactly what it earns on the market.

Full interview:  https://interfax.com.ua/news/interview/855379.html