The House of Ukraine will be held on May 23, 2022 (9:00-16:00 CET) in Hotel Seehof, Davos. 

The main theme: Stand with Ukraine. Stop Russia’s war.

The colourful format of the event is centred around speeches and panel discussions dedicated to the topic of achieving peace in Ukraine delivered by leading Ukrainian representatives, top-level politicians, tech thought leaders and support organisations.

The House of Ukraine brings together all people on the ground who want to express their support for Ukraine, not only WEF members. It is inclusive and uniting. All Ukrainian citizens have a free entrance to the House of Ukraine.


All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Ukrainian children in need through UNICEF. 


  • The way forward: how and when the war in Ukraine will stop
  • The lives of the people on the ground: witnesses report
  • Economic implications of the war for the world economy
  • The role of big tech in stopping the war
  • How emerging technology can be used to stop the war
  • Vladyslav Tlushch from Zurich Opera singing beautiful live Ukrainian music.

About Organizer: 

Tech For Peace is the global peace initiative using technology to help stop the Russian war against Ukraine. We are an activist group of over 100 technology entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, political leaders, and tech entrepreneurs including digital asset exchanges, marketplaces, and other blockchain technology companies, along with people who care.

About Infopartner: 

The European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) is an independent non-profit organization, an industry association, open to all market stakeholders in the energy efficiency and renewable energy of Ukraine, which aim to cooperate constructively with like-minded members. Together we aim to contribute to the gainful and transparent development of these markets in Ukraine, through the promotion of fair and sustainable business practice, raising public awareness of energy issues, and by influencing government energy policy.