newsThe Parliamentary Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety, recommended finalization of the Draft Law on “Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine on the Promotion of Electricity Generated from Alternative Energy Sources” № 2946.

However, the Parliamentary Environment Committee suggests a contrary law on renewables №2171a developed by Mr. Zarubinskiy.

Comparison table of the laws is available HERE in Ukrainian language.

Fundamental difference is the interpretation of the basic concepts and the role of “green tariff”.

Environment Committee has repeatedly spoken out against the use of “green” tariff for electricity produced from waste because of the high risks of environmental pollution.

Bill №2946, developed by a group of deputies from the Party of Regions, in cooperation with the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, proposes the Parliament to revise tariffs for electricity generated by bioenergy plants and to abolish the LCR for power plants that burn biomass, biogas, municipal waste and biomass containing fossil fuels.

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