Viktor Bilko, deputy head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE), during the expert discussion of the EUEA “The state of implementation of energy management systems in the industry” on December 9, 2022, noted that industry should be one of the main sectors for saving primary energy.

Webinar recording:

“The amount of necessary investments, calculated in accordance with the National Action Plan until 2030 (not taking into account military operations), should have amounted to about EUR 12 billion. After the end of the war, we will list our plans and targets for reducing final consumption, I think these figures will be much higher.” Mr. Viktor emphasized that energy management is the best tool for increasing the level of energy efficiency of the enterprise, because it allows to constantly improve the state of the enterprise, reduce energy costs, and improve competitiveness. Thus, the Law of Ukraine “On Energy Efficiency” of October 2021 stipulates that an energy audit for large business entities must be conducted every 4 years if a certified energy management system has not been implemented. The first energy audit should be conducted by November 2024.

Many Ukrainian enterprises are already interested in energy management. For example, according to the international standardization organization “ISO”, as of 2021 in Ukraine, 38 companies have implemented a certified energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001, and 298 enterprises have implemented environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001.”

Currently, the SAEE has developed the following normative legal acts:

  • The procedure for submitting information on the certification of energy and/or environmental management systems of economic entities.
  • The procedure for exchanging information between the SAEE and qualification organizations.

The following draft acts are currently being developed by the Agency:

  • Order of the Ministry of Energy on approval of the procedure for entering registers of business entities that have received environmental or energy management certificates.
  • Setting the fee for independent verification of energy audit reports.
  • Resolution of the CMU on approval of the procedure for introducing and publicizing the database of leaks from the energy audit report, conducting an independent audit of leaks from the report, independent verification of energy audit reports.
  • The procedure for confirming the qualifications of persons who intend to conduct energy audits of processes and transport.
  • Order of the Ministry of Energy on the procedure for keeping a register of state authorities that have implemented an energy management system.

According to the international certification organization in Ukraine, the energy management certification of 38 Ukrainian enterprises in accordance with ISO 50001, about 300 enterprises in accordance with ISO 14001 (environmental management) has been confirmed.

If we take into account European practice, more than 5,000 enterprises are certified according to ISO 50001 in Germany, and about 250 in Poland.

Therefore, despite the complexity of the martial law, we continue to work on the development of the energy management system and energy audits to implement energy efficiency and energy security goals in the country,” Victor Bilko concluded.