During the EUEA expert discussion on energy efficiency, Rostyslav Maraikin Regional Coordinator, Eastern Europe & Central Asia, PFAN, noted:

💬 «We know there are some wishes from the grantors for grants, but even when we are able to attract them, what are the guarantees that the business will be implemented and constructed? Therefore, it is necessary to follow the international practice. 

Our PFAN program can help with this professionally and for free. We work with project and business developers, financial organizations, experts, and government bodies. 

To get started, you need to submit an application, at the second stage, an assessment will be carried out, if the project is supported, we provide business consulting for the project regarding the preparation of documents for obtaining financing (grants, loans, investments). The ultimate goal is to close the project financially. Most of our projects are from renewable energy sources and climate adaptation. If we implement the international practice of project preparation and verification, most of the grants will be implemented.”

Presentation: PFAN EECA Presentation 07.2022 ukr

🖇 More details in the video recording of the discussion:: https://cutt.ly/bZgD9YR [01:10:00-: 01:26:00]