The plan is for 10 years and covers 15 fields (850 projects), the implementation of which requires financing of approximately USD 750 billion (details on slide 12), of which:

* Energy independence and green energy transition –  USD 130 billion;

* Restoration and modernization of housing and infrastructure of the regions –  USD 150-250 billion.

By 2032, +5% of renewable energy supply is expected, which means an increasing RES capacity by 5-10 GW, and +9% of energy supply from nuclear energy, namely, extending the lifetime and increasing the availability of existing blocks. The plan also provides a vast build-up of RES (up to 30 GW) and integration into the EU`s low-carbon H2 value chain (see slide 30 for details).

The Prime Minister said that the key source of recovery should be the confiscated assets of Russia and Russian oligarchs. According to various estimates, they amount to USD 300 to 500 billion. The second source of recovery is grants and soft loans from international financial organizations and partner countries. The third or fourth sources are private sector investments, as well as off-budget contributions from private individuals and corporations.

Recovery Plan: 

Ukraine Recovery Plan: Energy:

Also, a relevant agreement on investment cooperation with Switzerland in the field of electricity, heat supply, industry, transport, construction, agriculture and waste was signed today.