In the first 10 days of April, approximately 80% of the payments due under the “green” tariff was paid, and the total amount of purchased electric energy was 174.8 MWh, representing a payment increase of nearly 30% compared to the previous month. SE “Guaranteed Buyer” attributes this increase to two factors: a significant improvement in the indicators of electricity trade and partial implementation of advance payment by NPC “Ukrenergo”.

Review: April Review 05.05.23

As of now, the settlements percentage for the first three months of 2023 is 64.8%, with UAH 6.1 billion already transferred under the tariff. However, it is important to note that NPC “Ukrenergo” has a debt of UAH 16.0 billion for 2021-2023.

Stay informed on the latest news in the Ukrainian renewable energy sector with the EUEA review for April 2023. This review covers important topics such as payments to RES producers by the Guaranteed Buyer, price dynamics of DAM and IDM, changes in electricity imports and exports, and major industry updates for the month of April.