«The energy needs are constantly increasing. These should be met in some way: either by introducing new generating capacity or, most appropriately, by implementing energy efficiency measures first. In any case, the introduction of additional capacity is a systemic solution that requires significant investment and time to implement such projects. In the short term, there is a likelihood of energy shortages and, consequently, an increase in their cost. In addition to the economic consequences, it exacerbates energy poverty and poses risks to energy stability and security. Therefore, the implementation of energy efficiency measures, especially in the large industrial sector, can provide the necessary rapid leveling effect and is key to improving national energy and economic parameters, such as Energy Intensity and Self Sufficiency» – said Serhiy Porovskyy,  Expert on Energy Efficiency Financing and Policy for the Project, UNIDO, during the EUEA press-briefing on December 24, 2021.

«The UNIDO project provides support to state institutions of Ukraine in the development of relevant legislation and nationalization of a series of standards ISO 50000 (energy efficiency/energy management) for many years. Also, the UNIDO Project trained more than 150 experts at various levels, including national and coach.»

«UNIDO together with Bank “UKRGASBANK” launched the Loan Guarantee Fund, which provides very favorable conditions for obtaining financing for industrial enterprises for the implementation of the energy management systems and energy efficiency measures. There are plans to increase this Fund to the national level or to use the Fund’s model to develop government incentives to improve energy efficiency in the industrial sector without creating an excessive burden on the country’s budget.»

«The UNIDO project has also developed a Support Program for Borrowers under the Loan Guarantee Fund  to provide free training, supervision, and/or monetary compensation for professional consultants.»

🎬Video of the press briefing: https://lnkd.in/dWbmNu-U

📍Press release: https://cutt.ly/UUKr7pm