V European Ukrainian Energy Day announcemet ENGEuropean-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) and Forbes Conferences held 5th European-Ukrainian Energy Day on 29th May 2014, in Premier Palace Hotel, Kyiv!

Recent developments in Ukraine have placed improvement of Energy Efficiency technologies and development of Alternative Sources of Energy among the top priorities for the Ukrainian Government. Today, more than ever, these are not options anymore but a true necessity for Ukraine. The European-Ukrainian Energy Day provided the platform for fruitful discussion to address such issues while discussing opportunities for business and the role of policy makers, donors, IFIs and other relevant market players and stakeholders.

On behalf of the EUEA Board we want to thank Arzinger, ABB, Vestas, GIZ and Louis Berger, our information partners and all your support, participation, valuable and interesting material that you prepared for the Energy Day with the support of EUEA Organizational Partner Forbes Conferences.


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