1. Ukraine in Energy Community: moving forward or standing still?– The study of “Dixie Group” (Ukrainian)

  2. One Year in the Energy Community: a good start? – The study of “Dixie Group” (Ukrainian)
  3. Ukraine and EITI: Estimation of Stakeholders – DiXi Group (Ukrainian language)
  4. EUEA.ExpertOpinion – October 2010
  5. Kyoto protocol – Brochure, in German  and Russian
  6. International Cooperation in the Spere of Energy Technologies – International Energy Agency (Russian language)
  7. Ukraine: Energy Policy Review 2012 –  International Energy Agency (English language)
  8. Ukraine: Energy Policy Review 2006 –  International Energy Agency (English language)
  9. Collection of Materials on Matters Concerning Integration of Apartment House Co-owners 2007  – Project Experts “Stable Self-administration for Apartment Houses” (Ukrainian language)
  10. The sustainable urban development – Sustainable Business Hub