Operating a non-profit non-governmental organization like the European Ukrainian Energy Agency is a challenging task in most countries. Over the last decade, we have all gone through many ups and downs in Ukraine. In fact, we have had to live through the fight for democracy, openness and transparency. We have called it energy democracy where we have led the effort to move Ukraine from a country highly dependable of natural gas and coal as sources of energy. The import and transit of natural gas is perhaps one of the main reasons for the large scale corruption in the energy sector.

In any case, during the last couple of years I have been supported by many people both in the EUEA but also many external supporters. I would like to start the summer vacation providing my appreciation of two people that has been very important to my work in EUEA.

ОРMs. Olga Romanchenko started to support EUEA during her studies at the University where she soon has completed the first part of her degree in Electrical Engineering. How can it be better where EUEA has given Ms. Romanchenko the opportunity to learn about the renewable electricity market, meet all the people from the sector and at the same time helping our organization to provide the best possible service to our members? She has practiced her organizational skills and been part of the friendly face of an organization. Ms. Romanchenko decided for some time ago to leave EUEA to take up an internship at Scatec Solar which one of the largest investors in solar power in Ukraine and in addition an important member of EUEA.



ВКAnother dear friend is Mr. Volodymyr Kabachenko who has over many years acted as an expert in many international programs on sustainable energy, development, and implementation of wind and solar energy projects. Participated in the audit of renewable energy projects, calculated technical and economic feasibility and relevance of implementing a number of projects. In addition, to all these activities, he was also supporting my work (2015 to 2017) in EUEA with insight to the Ukrainian energy sector and review of many important policy proposals. As the chairman of the organization I have always apricated the opportunity to discuss the market development with Mr. Kabachenko. He has always had a very structured approach and an outstanding ability to look ahead on how to best attract foreign investors to the Ukrainian renewable energy sector.


I wish Ms. Romanchenko and Mr. Kabachenko all the best in their future ventures and I am sure they will be very successful in their work of supporting the Ukrainian renewable energy sector.

Best regards,

Mats Lundin

Chairman European Ukrainian Energy Agency